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Promoting Humane Behaviour Towards Animals By Providing Care,

Promoting Humane Behaviour Towards Animals By Providing Care,
Protection, Treatment and Security

Fleecehaven relies entirely on the generosity of it's supporters.
Please make a Donation or Adopt a Sheep.





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Why not Adopt one of our Sheep? They make the ideal gift for sheep loving friends and family, and you're supporting a good cause.

Make a Donation

Fleecehaven relies entirely upon donations and monies received through fund-raising activities. All money donated goes directly to the care of the animals; no salaries are paid and all administration costs are gifted to the charity. We're always grateful for any donation that helps us to continue our work.

Here are some of the costs we have to incur...

A bale of hay


A bale of woodshavings


A sack of course mix


A mineral lick


A bag of Actisan (used to prevent bacteria developing on straw)


Crovect, fly repellant, used once a month during the summer


Average cost of veterinary treatment per sheep for one year


One year public liability insurance


Shearing the whole Fleecehaven flock


Clearing the sheds out annually


Gift Aid

Fleecehaven is a registered charity so if you are a UK Taxpayer then we can claim Gift Aid on your adoption donation. This increases the value of your donation to us by 28%!

If you make a donation using the Donate Using Gift Aid Button below then you are making the following declaration: "I am a UK Taxpayer and I wish Fleecehaven to re-claim tax on all donations I make from the date of this declaration until I notify you otherwise". You must be paying an amount of income or capital gains tax in the UK at least equal to the amount of tax we reclaim on your donations in each tax year.

If you are not a UK taxpayer then we are unable to Gift Aid your donation so please use the box for on the right, 'Donate Without Gift Aid'.

When you click on either of the Donate buttons below you will be re-directed to the Paypal site where you can enter the amount you wish to donate and make a secure payment either from an existing paypal account or using your debit or credit card. You will be asked to enter your address which we need to make a Gift Aid claim on your behalf. On completion you'll be returned to the Fleecehaven website.

Donate Using Gift Aid

Donate Without Gift Aid


Donations by Cheque

Send a cheque directly to us:

Howley Park
East Buckland
EX32 0TD


Shop Online With Easyfundraising

Why not help us by shopping on-line using Easyfundraising? You can visit over 2000 online retailers via the Fleecehaven Easyfundraising site and Fleecehaven receives a small commission for each purchase you make. The best thing is that it costs you absolutely nothing! Click on the link below to register, start shopping and raising money to help our work.

Recycling Inkjet Cartridges and Mobiles

We can send you free-post bags for recycling old inkjet cartridges and mobile phones. You can fit about 2 cartridges or one phone into each bag. If you'd like some bags please enter your address into the box below and we'll post them off to you. Unfortunately Epson cartridges cannot be recycled in this way.


Thank You For Your Donation




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